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MAGIC! that’s what getting this personalized 7 day energy reset for me looked like.

In less than 7 days, I’ve felt the most energized I have in the last few months! Everybody’s commenting on how I look, how I sound, how I glow!

Since getting CoVid about 3 months ago, Ive had a really tough time regaining my energetic bandwidth. I got easily tired. There were days when it was a battle getting out of bed. There were so many limitations as to what I could take on because I didn’t feel confident about my health.

This 7-day reset changed everything – Pavanne made it super easy for me to follow. She customized everything for me based on my lifestyle. It was so non-restrictive, and the small changes I implemented just made such a big difference.

Highly highly recommended!!

Maria T.

Get Personalized Support With
Your 7-Day Energy Reset


In just 7 days you’ll:



✔︎ People will notice your skin is glowing and you look and sound brighter.

✔︎ Your mind will be sharp, alert and focused.

✔︎ You will sleep better and wake up feeling ready to take on the world.


How it works:


I’ll personally guide you through a 7 day holistic detox. We’ll work together to tailor it to your body type, tastes, abilities, needs, and lifestyle.

I’ll create a personal meal, fitness and mindfulness plan for you so you’ll have everything you need to help make this easy and doable. Trust me, I’m a foodie kitchen goddess who sucked at gym!

I’ll hold your hand, cheer you on, and tell you like it is – NO B.S.

Includes 2 ZOOM calls and 7 days of text support.

Here’s what people are saying:



I really enjoyed the recipes and the tips and support that Pavanne provided every day. What is more important is that I learned a lot about my eating habits as well as my exercise routine and ability to self-reflect. As a result, I have changed my daily routine, so that in the morning I feel energized and in the evening relaxed. I had problems with both before I started the detox program. During the detox week, I never had the feeling that I was hungry or missing out on anything, except for coffee which I got over within 1 or 2 days. I continue to feel positive and healthy and am very grateful that I participated. Looking forward to doing it again for even a longer period of time. Thank you Pavanne!

Sandi R

 Are you ready to feel really great every day?

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Investment: €358

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