Revitalize Yourself Inside And Out

Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted all the time?

With all that multi-tasking and overachieving, not to mention juggling your career, family, and friends, it’s no wonder you can barely catch your breath, take a time out and take care of yourself!  


I get it. You can’t just quit your job and sign up for a 21 day detox retreat center. So what do you do? You drink a few more coffees, quickly grab a cookie or some chocolate, cancel today’s workout at the gym and keep going.

How’s that working out for you?

Let me guess:

You’re stressed out, exhausted, emotionally drained and you find yourself wondering how you ended up having to do everything for everyone.

Am I right?

To make things worse, despite being so careful about what you eat, your weight keeps increasing. Sometimes you worry that you’ll balloon out of control and then you’ll be doomed! What if you lose everything – even what’s left of yourself?

Feeling good in your body again just feels like a huge challenge. You desperately want to feel energized again, but you just don’t know where to start.

How do I know? Because I’ve been there! I remember it like it was yesterday. My life looked so perfect on the outside. I had a handsome successful husband, two beautiful healthy sons, the great house, the Volvo station wagon, the golden retriever…

But deep inside, I felt terrible. I had worked so hard at becoming this “perfect” wife and mother that I had lost myself in the process.


Did you know that unhappiness can make you fat and sick?


I started gaining weight, I felt unwell, I looked unwell, I caught every flu there was, I couldn’t sleep, I had mood swings, migraines, hot flashes, and I felt exhausted all of the time.

What was happening to me?! I’d been slim all of my life, I didn’t eat a lot, and I ate healthy things, but still I just kept gaining weight.

Then I discovered Ayurvedic detox.

In just a short time I was reborn. I felt beautiful, sexy, healthy, and energetic.

For the first time in a long time, I knew what I wanted and I actually believed I could have it.

By taking care of my body, reconnecting to my inner voice and setting healthy boundaries, I remembered who I was and my whole life changed for the better.


The good news is that I can help you feel energetic again and start you on your way to looking and feeling better than ever in just 7 days, with a few simple diet and lifestyle tweaks!




I really enjoyed the recipes and the tips and support that Pavanne provided every day. What is more important is that I learned a lot about my eating habits as well as my exercise routine and ability to self-reflect. As a result, I have changed my daily routine, so that in the morning I feel energized and in the evening relaxed. I had problems with both before I started the detox program. During the detox week, I never had the feeling that I was hungry or missing out on anything, except for coffee which I got over within 1 or 2 days. I continue to feel positive and healthy and am very grateful that I participated. Looking forward to doing it again for even a longer period of time. Thank you Pavanne!

Sandi R

Introducing The 7-Day Energy Reset

A holistic approach to revitalising yourself inside and out!

Here’s what people are saying:

I love it to be live with you. 💛✨

Iskra P

I did the Liver Flush today, slept for 2 hours and I feel great 😄! Love the detox meditation.

Nadine S

My favorites are the daily walks and dances. It’s really my new way of living.

Antoinette vd M

So much good advice! Definitely going to switch from coffee to lemon and hot water in the morning.

Patrick K

I keep eating the food before taking a picture of it! This is my favorite lunch – easy and so yummy!! Humus – smoked salmon- avocado – rice cake!! And it also looks pretty.

Jacolien van W

It was amazing thanks!

Stephanie L

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