Unstoppable You!

Work 1:1 with Pavanne

Transform your body

Clear your mind

Connect with your spirit

Create the new life you crave

Get clarity, support, and accountability so you can move forward with unshakeable energy and self-confidence.

Limited spots available.

Taylor made strategy and coaching to help you transform with ease.

If you’re looking for an empathic, experienced guide who can help you upgrade your life without turning it upside down, you’re in the right place.

Getting healthy and putting yourself first shouldn’t be a difficult, painful, or stressful experience.

I love tailor-made solutions!

Although I’ve written a book and created programs about what’s worked for me, this is all about you – creating a strategy and implementing a plan that will work for your specific lifestyle, situation, preferences, and body type.

Because you want results.  A new and improved life. To feel the satisfaction of self-mastery. A body you love and a clear and peaceful mind that supports the lifestyle you want.  And I’m committed to helping you get there.

Very limited availability.

1:1 Holistic Transformation Coaching

Body – Mind – Spirit

transform yourself

I contacted Pavanne for one-on-one coaching as I was feeling anxious, directionless, and had low self-esteem.  The first couple of sessions already had me feeling better, as she took a holistic approach. She concentrated on my mind, spirit and body, with a healthy detox diet giving me more energy;  breathing and simple exercises to release anxiety; and meditation techniques to better listen to my intuition and calm my mind. We had discussions and weekly exercises on self-worth, exploring my strengths and capabilities, boosting my self-respect, and showing me the importance of being more authentic in the world.  Through the use of vision boards and journaling, I discovered what I needed and wanted in my life and how to stay in touch with my inner self. Pavanne’s spiritual abilities are uncanny, allowing her to grasp the situation and core issues quickly. During the sessions, she was able to heighten my intuition so that I could actually visualize and discover answers to my own questions during meditation and learn how to begin manifesting for the future. I would highly recommend Pavanne as a coach to those who are open and ready to work toward a better future and want to move forward on their chosen path.

Sandi R

12 WEEKS Of On-Going Support


  6 ZOOM calls and unlimited chat and email support.

  We’ll delve into exactly where you are now, what you want to achieve, and what you need to get there.

  I’ll help you identify your negative thoughts and break through self-destructive patterns and blocks.

❃  I’ll teach you how to set healthy boundaries, quiet your mind, access your intuition, and listen to your body.

  Among the things we’ll use are meditation, EFT, oracle card readings, affirmations, Human Design, flower essences, and essential oils.

  I’ll guide you through a 3 personalized week holistic detox. We’ll work together to tailor this program to your specific tastes, needs, and lifestyle.

  I’ll create delicious recipes, meal planners, daily and weekly schedules for you. I’ll also make a  personal fitness plan tailored to your body type and lifestyle.  You’ll have everything you need to help make this easy and doable.  Trust me, I’m a foodie kitchen goddess who sucked at gym!

  After your three week detox I will create a new life plan tailored to your body type. This will ease you back into a sustainable regular meal, exercise, lifestyle, and personal growth plan so you never have to diet again.

  I’ll hold your hand, cheer you on, and tell you like it is – NO B.S.

The reward is definitely worth the effort – by the end of the detox I felt more energetic and clear-headed than I have in years. Having an open and accessible Coach like Pavanne going through the process with you is a powerful plus. I highly recommend this to anyone who really wants to improve their life.

Andy B

Your Results:

✔︎  A healthy body that looks and feels great – all day, every day!

✔︎  Renewed energy and zest for life!

✔︎  You will be able to handle and deactivate stress and anxiety.

✔︎  More time and care for yourself.

✔︎  An open channel to your intuition and higher self

✔︎  A clear picture of your dream life and how to create it.

Investment: €2400

Because this requires a such large time commitment from me, spaces are limited!