Three weeks.
One holistic detox program.
A new energized and happier version of yourself.

Are you tired of feeling exhausted, insecure, and uncomfortable in your own skin?

If you’re looking for a new way to reclaim your beauty, clarity and energy, Three Weeks to Fabulous has all that you really need!

You have it all – the nice house, a happy family, money in the bank –  and yet, you feel lousy, frustrated, and unhappy about the way you look and feel. You wake up and you’re already tired, your brain is fogged, and you don’t like what you see in the mirror.

You’d like to be fitter, more attractive for your partner (and yourself), and you want more energy so you can kick ass at work and still have enough left over to play with your kids when you get home.

You know something needs to change, but nothing seems to help you get back to your old ideal self.

With my new holistic detox program, Three Weeks to Fabulous, you can finally change that!

By joining you will:

  • Detox together with me for 3 weeks
    You will join a group of motivated people on a journey to clean your body holistically
  • Kickstart your metabolism gently without needing crazy exercising
    I will show you how to activate your body to feel fitter and more energized without spending hours at the gym
  • Lose weight without the need for long-term diets
    As a pleasant side-effect of this program, you will start shredding pounds with the help of my easy and delicious recipes
  • Feel energized and sexy while looking fabulous
    Through detoxing your body and mind, you will gain your energy and confidence back to feel empowered and attractive


During our 3 weeks, I will also share with you a little secret that will contribute to your happiness and your goal to take control of your life and get a healthy fit body!


Ready to start this journey?

Here’s what my Fabulous clients say:

I enjoyed the super healthy, delicious food and felt more energetic almost immediately! Food wise I never felt deprived or hungry and no more post-meal crashing! It feels great to treat yourself right!     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shannon McK

Pavanne is very enthusiastic to help you with losing weight. She has really a lot of knowledge and is happy to share all of this with you. I really enjoyed it to be part of her detox program and recommend it to join it. Go for it, you will love it!     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Antoinette vd M

A great and easy detox program. After the first week has becomes more and more easy to follow! The Facebook group is great to follow others and get tips on how everyone is doing. Would highly recommend people to follow this program!     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jacolien van W

Detoxing is never easy, but together, we can find motivation and keep you accountable to actually reach your goals and find balance!

Stop struggling and start this journey with me for only €267.

And by signing up now, you get a FREE copy (normal value €29,99) of my new e-book, Three Weeks To Fabulous – How to lose weight, feel great, and stay that way!


Adult Women and Men who are tired of not looking and feeling their best and want to regain the beauty and vitality of their youth but don’t know HOW yet.

If you want to feel sexy, healthy, and confident again, this program is for you

If you want to have clarity, focus and balance, this program is for you

If you want more energy for your family, passions, and lifestyle then this is DEFINITELY for you


This isn’t for you, if you aren’t serious about helping yourself or having more energy and control over your body and your life

If you want to be tired, sick, overweight, and unhappy FOREVER, then don’t enrol

OTHERWISE, get moving and let’s get you looking and feeling fabulous!

This offer is so good, humbly speaking, I am ready to enrol and I created this program.

Trust me, you could easily waste months on figuring it all out IF you even stick with it that long.

It can be frustrating, overwhelming, and discouraging.

I know because I went through all of that – the wasted time, wasted money, and disheartening diet results.

Or you can take action and make it happen with my Three Weeks To Fabulous program.

Simple really.

If you’ve ever struggled with personal development or are completely new to dieting or the concept of holistic health, this is an easy decision.

My expertise is now your shortcut.

Are you ready to look and feel FABULOUS?

Three Weeks To Fabulous eBook €29,99 ➡FREE

Three Weeks To Fabulous Online Coaching Program €267

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