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I’ve put together this special meditation collection for those of you who could use a physical boost. These meditations will help you to activate your innate healing powers.

Poor sleep, stress & anxiety, overwork, and negative self-image are a few factors that can drain your energy and damage your health.

I’ve included meditations to help you deal with these problems as well as increase your physical energy and focus, heal your body, lose weight, and quickly connect to source anytime anyplace for a quick recharge.

What you’ll experience
These uplifting and transformational Guided Meditations will amplify your power. You’ll connect your energy with mine and that of every person who has ever done, or ever will do, this meditation. This collective group energy will continue to grow exponentially as more join in, providing a far more powerful experience than with solitary meditation.

Start tapping into your inner power and create a new Destiny for yourself!

How your Meditations are delivered
Upon purchase you’ll receive an email where you can DOWNLOAD and SAVE your Meditation MP3.

1.     Amplify Your Power
2.    Energy Center Tune-Up
3.    Quick & Easy
4.    Sleep
5.    Focus
6.    Connect With Your Body
7.    Self Love
8.    Anxiety Relief
9.    Walking Weight Loss Meditation
10.  BONUS Healing Meditation


Artist: Pavanne Veltman