Could you use some help getting clear?

Tarot cards are a wonderful and magical way of accessing your subconscious. 

Relying on my natural intuition and more than 30 years of experience, I act as a bridge between you and your higher self, spirit guides, and angels.

Together, we’ll uncover the blocks and patterns that are holding you back and light the path towards your desired outcome.

I offer three options:


15 minutes of briefly recorded audio answers  Sent Via mp3

Maximum of 2 questions

Your choice of 1 major topic including:

Career/wealth, Health, Twin Flame/Soul Mate, Messages from Higher Self/Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels/Ancestors, Love/Marriage, Other


In-depth recorded video response.

Maximum of 3-5 questions

Your choice of 2 major topics including:

Career/Wealth, Health, Twin Flame/Soul Mate, Life Purpose, Messages from Higher Self/Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels/Ancestors, Love/Marriage, Other


LIVE VIA SKYPE/FACETIME (Unlimited questions)

60 mins (or longer) depending on your reading response

Love, Career or Wealth questions

Unlimited questions for the time allotted

This is a live reading where you can interact and ask as many questions as you like

I experienced a very positive and uplifting reading from Pavanne! It was surprising how often she touched on areas of my life and personality that rang true. She did this with insight, coaching me on how to make changes or move forward toward my goals. I am confident that my future path will be as bright as the one that she illuminated for me. Thank you Pavanne!

Sandi R

I have gotten already a couple of tarot readings from Pavanne. The first one was online and we went straight into the 2 more meaningful topics for me at the time. One of them was about a relationship I was having at that time which was spot on the advice I got for the 2 of us. The relationship has now ended and I understand more clearly the things that were said about how it had something for me to learn. I have now done a new reading, where he went into multiple topics. Pavanne really takes the time to listen and give advice on how you can achieve what the cards are showing you. We did one exercise in particular right away to help me get rid of some negative emotions which gave me instant relief and awareness of some feelings I hadn’t noticed I had. The rest of the reading was also very spot on regarding my career and I am just very excited to apply Pavanne’s advice for the next months and with my new job.

Irina B

It really resonated with me and inspired me. It was highly accurate, very informative and guiding.

Mitzy B