The Story:

“Let’s look for pirate treasure,” I shouted with glee! My best friend, Jamie, agreed excitedly. I was 4 years old and, like Christopher Robin, I spent the better part of my days playing in the 3-acre wood on our property.

Armed with sticks for swords and imaginary hats and eyepatches, we marched into the forest and began our search. We ran free among the trees and along the creek that snaked its way though the forest until something caught my eye.

Could it be…?

Just ahead, I spied the remains of an old hut. It consisted of two crumbling old walls, a corner, barely taller than I was. And nestled there, a rotting old wooden chest!

My eyes grew wide. This was it! My heart pounded as I approached it, imagining the gold coins and jewels that would soon be mine. I held my breath as I carefully opened the lid.

I let out a high pitched scream and let the lid fall as Jamie and I ran out of the woods as fast as our little legs could carry us! Snakes! Our treasure chest was full of rattlesnakes! To this day, the vivid memory of this event causes my heart to race again, as it did back then.

At least that’s how I’ve always remembered it…



The Truth:

While deep in meditation the other day, I asked to clear any wealth blocks I might have. This memory rose to the surface. I had not thought of it for years. And I wondered if this event had wired my little 4 year old brain to regard searching for treasure as dangerous.

Was that my problem?

But my subconscious mind wasn’t finished revealing its secrets. There was another memory buried beneath the thrilling tale I had just relived.

A memory of me opening the box, full of anticipation, and finding nothing but cobwebs, pebbles and leaves.

Crushing disappointment.

There was no treasure for me. How silly I had been to believe there would be treasure. All of the energy drained from my body. I felt foolish, angry, and my heart grieved as only a child’s heart can.

And these things became true for me. Proving my belief over and over in so many ways such as never receiving an allowance, never making enough money no matter how hard I worked, and deals and opportunities falling through.

I also still subconsciously believed that the pursuit of wealth was dangerous. So no matter how hard I tried to hold on to or amass wealth, it always managed to evade me, or slip through my fingers.

The Cure:

Until I let go of this old trauma, this misguided programming, I would never feel safe having a lot of money or allow myself to believe that there was wealth in this world that was meant for me. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I healed and cleared these old beliefs. And just like that, they were gone.

The Realization:

The truth is, if you want to generate more money than you’ve ever generated before and have the life and the financial freedom you desire, you need to uncover the old beliefs that are working against you. Shine a light on these stories and see them for what they truly are. And that is usually the product of a very young child’s emotions, misinterpretations and vivid imagination.

What fun, joy, wealth, health, love and happiness lie beyond the barrier of your self-defeating thoughts?

Would you like to find out?

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