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We all want to be healthy – that’s nothing new. What is new is our current world health situation. It’s more important now than ever to get your body into the best shape possible to ward off disease. But how do you do that? The secret lies in your immune system.

Many many years ago when my kids were little, I used to catch every cold and flu they brought home with them from school. I had no idea you could make your immune system stronger. And all the other moms had the same problem, so I just assumed it was a fact of life. Turns out it doesn’t have to be that way.

The solution…

When I tried my first Ayurvedic detox, everything changed. I stopped getting sick – for good! After only three weeks, my immune system had been supercharged. It was like an invisible shield that protected me from every cough, sneeze, and tummy bug that came my way!

So lately I’ve been thinking back to those days. What was it about that particular detox that made my immune system so powerful? And the answer is that it was holistic. Now you’ve probably heard this word thrown around lot the past year or two, but what the heck does it actually mean?

In this case, holistic meant that I wasn’t simply watching my diet for 21 days. I focused on my body as a whole, as well as my emotional and spiritual wellbeing. As I did further research into how to boost your immune system, I found out that my holistic detox had checked all the boxes!

But how does this help you?

I was hanging with my friend Nancy the other day. She’s also a natural health expert who specializes in the use of essential oils. I was telling her how amazed I am, time after time, at how effective these oils are. How a drop of one can ward off a flu, how a dab of another rid me of a migraine in 5 minutes, and a whiff of another helps me to totally focus for hours.

Nancy felt the benefits of my methods when she did my Boost Your Body program last year. And aromatherapy has been such a wonderful natural supplement for helping to maintain my health and wellbeing. As we chatted excitedly about how we wished everyone knew this stuff so the world would be a healthier happier place, we came up with a sharp and cunning plan!

The plan…

Why not combine my holistic method with Nancy’s essential oil expertise?! Life is a bit topsy turvy right now and everyone has a lot to deal with, so we boiled it down to the easiest bare minimum of what you can do to boost your immune system and stay super healthy.

There are 5 major pain points that affect your immune system. Each of the 5 days of this program will focus on one of these areas. Via posts, videos, recordings, and documents you’ll get all the information you need. We’ve even decided to mail you a gift of 5 essential oil samples. These are the oils you’ll work with during our program, so it’s all super easy for you!

Summer vacation is almost over and I’ve always felt that September is a time for new beginnings – even more so than New Year’s Day. Maybe it’s the start of a brand new school year that always makes me feel like I have a clean slate and the possibilities are endless.

You are cordially invited…

So with this in mind, Nancy and I would like to invite you to join us for 5 days of health tips, good smells, yummy recipes, life hacks, easy exercises, meditations, and more. We’ll be using a Facebook group to share the info, so we can also have fun chatting together!

Hope you’ll join us! You’ll find more information and the registration link below.

Supercharge Your Immune System Naturally

September 21-25, 2020

** Residents of the Netherlands ONLY **

“Optimum health requires the mind, physical body and spirit to be in balance.”
Dr. Joe Dispenza


This PROGRAM Will Teach You:



Our favorite foods, supplements, and beverages to fuel your body and keep you protected



Super simple but EFFECTIVE ways to minimize stress and get more sleep



The easy exercises we use to stay healthy, fit, and energized
(no pain and no gym!)

You will also receive 5 FREE Essential Oil Samples you’ll be using during the program!

*This is only available for residents of The Netherlands

Plus FREE Registration Bonus: Register for this program now and we’ll send you a copy of 15 Simple Ways To Reduce Toxins In Your Body & Home

Free Book



ATTENTION: This offer is only available in the Netherlands!

About Your Guides

Pavanne Veltman

Pavanne Veltman

Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Diet Rebel, Author & Speaker

Pavanne is your guide for healing and transformation using her special method of Menu, Mindset & Moves.

Nancy Onofrio

Nancy Onofrio

Essential Oils Lover, Food Fanatic, Hope Dealer.

Nancy will help you navigate the world of essential oils to create a more conscious lifestyle.

Yes Pavanne, WE DID IT!! And it was really great what you did with us. I enjoyed from the start to the end. I must admit, I only did a part of it, but still I benefit from what you told us. And still I have a more healtier lifestyle than before this week, so that’s a real win, thanks again! 

Antoinette M

Nancy is great to work with! She is personable and passionate about her work. She customizes what oils are best for each client and what emotional phase of life each client is currently in to best tailor to their needs! She is the best!

Natascia S

I keep eating Pavanne’s food before taking a picture of it! This is my favorite lunch – easy and so yummie!! Humus – smoked salmon- avocado – rice cake!! And it also looks pretty.

Jacolien W

Nancy is very kind and enthusiastic person who explains everything clear and understandable. Also, her response time is very quick.

Loes B

Supercharge Your Immune System Naturally

September 21-25, 2020

** Residents of the Netherlands ONLY **