Just Released July 2020

Pavanne’s LATEST collection of high-vibration Guided Group Meditation Journeys

Meditation is the gateway of conscious connection to your higher self. Beyond being a relaxation technique, Meditation awakens your intuition and allows for self-guidance, healing, and growth.

Pavanne’s voice and instruction can take you on a safe, inviting, and magical Guided Group Meditation Journey anywhere, anytime.

Part of a series of Guided Group Meditation Journeys, these have all been recorded in ‘one-take’ and are accompanied by relaxing background music. Pavanne’s meditations have been channeled live and direct from spirit and are totally unscripted.

Infused with the collective group energy, you will receive powerful soulful experiences every time you listen.

Pavanne’s Guided Meditations are unique “transformative” journeys that will help you to access source energy and your higher self for profound healing, strength and peace.

These NEW Guided Meditations are available for the first time. They are suitable for people of all levels of meditation experience.

Reaching out to tell you how healing your meditations are my friend. You are helping me cure my body of cancer presently. You are a gift of healing and I love and appreciate you. ♥️


Susan C