The Blueprint of Abundance “Manifesting your Mastery” Retreat was amazing!  Fourteen beautiful souls gathered in this breathtaking villa estate in Ermioni, Greece for ten days of transformation in the areas of prosperity, love, health, creativity, and service.  The retreat was organized by Christina Hepburn, Iskra Petrova, and Inna Neal, who are all amazing coaches, as well as Mindvalley tribe elders.  We practiced yoga and qigong on the roof terrace at sunrise, meditated, danced, shook, learned, journaled, cleared our blocks, and created our futures, among other things!  They taught us so many healing, clearing, and creative techniques that I am still using now in my daily life.

I had an easy job as Catering Master, working with two handsome and talented Greek chefs.  They prepared the most delicious feasts for us all, using fresh local ingredients.  I kept trying to wheedle their recipes out of them and they would humbly say that it was just simple Greek home cooking, as if they had done nothing special – but it was!  I had some of the same dishes in very nice restaurants and none of them could hold a candle to these fellows!   The local restaurants are all so good, that there isn’t a single one with less than a 4.5 star rating on Trip Advisor.  I’m still craving marinated anchovies and would gladly fly back there just to eat some more!  The estate had its own olive grove and vineyard, so there was plenty of gorgeous olive oil and wine to go around.  We were even there on the day when they carted the grapes to the kitchen and pressed the juice out of them to make wine.  The other ladies and I offered to stamp the grapes with our feet, but were disappointed to learn that this is no longer the practice! 😂 

Of course it wasn’t all work and no play – our hosts took us on amazing excursions to the island of Hydra, the ancient theatre at Epidavros, the lovely port town of Nafplio, and the island of Spetses.  Basically, we were spoiled rotten.  The villa complex was the most gorgeous I have ever stayed at and I’m dreaming of returning!  The rooms and houses were beautifulI and the landscaping was stunning!  It was located right on the water and you could dive right off the peer, where we went snorkelling in search of sea urchin shells.  They had tennis courts, a fabulous salt water swimming pool (in which I spent most of my free time), and many other things to keep one entertained.  Just a short walk along the beach, there was a fabulous fish restaurant where we persuaded our host to teach us Greek dancing one evening!

I was very excited to have the opportunity to speak.  Everyone thought I was going to talk about detoxing and a healthy diet, and that was how I was introduced, but I had a surprise in store for everyone.  As the closing speaker, I thought I should do something fun and memorable.  We’d worked so hard and gone so deep and often worked through traumas, and I wanted to end on a light and happy note.  I had actually been scheduled to speak earlier in the week, but we kept running out of time.  The night before my speech, I scrapped every idea I had had up until then and I meditated to find the perfect topic.  I had already decided to share my lifelong passion for writing, but how?  It’s such a wide subject!  Everyone was tired and I couldn’t imagine they’d enjoy hearing me drone on about myself for half an hour – although they would all be far too kind to let it show!  My meditation ended and still nothing, or so I thought.  Suddenly, I heard my inner voice and it told me exactly what to do!  My talk included a special meditation to inspire creativity and a fun poetry writing exercise of my own design.  After that, everyone took turns sitting next to me and reading their poems out loud.  It was a great success, and the poems were all so beautiful, that I decided to turn them into a special book for everyone to have as a keepsake.  It was an immensely gratifying experience and I can’t wait to speak again!

We all grew incredibly close in those ten days.  Everyone was so incredibly loving and supportive, and I missed them terribly for the first few weeks afterwards.  It felt as if we were the exact people who needed to come together.  We all felt such a deep connection to each other, it was as if we were a soul family.  We could all see elements of ourselves in each other and it was so eye-opening.  We also had the gift of private sessions with each of our three amazing coaches and I, for one, found it incredibly beneficial.  In short, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world and am ready for more!  We’ve all stayed in touch every day since then and will definitely be friends for life.  In fact, three of my new friends will be coming to Amsterdam for a visit in a couple of weeks!

Also exciting news, I have teamed up with Iskra Petrova and we’re busy planning some amazing holistic detox retreats for you this coming summer.  Will keep you posted!