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Pavanne Veltman is the Modern Woman’s Guide to Less Stress and More Energy. She helps ‘superwomen’ prioritize their well-being instead of everyone’s needs.

She’s a firm believer that everyone, especially women, are made to blossom. And the only reason why they’re not blossoming is because of the “toxicity” they’ve consumed – whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional.

A diet rebel, a lover of life, an author, a catalyst, Pavanne helps women to reconnect with the most authentic version of themselves through her 1:1 coaching, group programs, e-courses, books and her podcast, Made to Blossom.


Popular Topics

  • Holistic lifestyle – what it is and how to practice it more
  • Manifesting your dream life through self-love, care and setting healthy boundaries
  • Reseting your energy to feel really great every day
  • Quieting your mind, accessing your intuition and listening to your body
  • Setting yourself free from stress and anxiety
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Pavanne, Thank you so much for stepping up to the plate (at the Spark Conference in Amsterdam) and leading us through what was the perfect energiser! Everyone I spoke to had nothing but positive feedback on your session, even a girlfriend I spoke to from the US today was intrigued – I’m so glad it worked out!

Hannah Huber

Founder, Spark & Amsterdam Academy

She concentrated on my mind, spirit and body, with a healthy detox diet giving me more energy;  breathing and simple exercises to release anxiety; and meditation techniques to better listen to my intuition and calm my mind. We had exercises on self-worth, exploring my strengths and capabilities, boosting my self-respect, and showing me the importance of being more authentic in the world.  Through the use of vision boards and journaling, I discovered what I needed and wanted in my life and how to stay in touch with my inner self.

Sandi Ruys

Pavanne Veltman was a delight to have on my podcast. Her honesty and her life experience was enlightening and engaging. She is such a generous presence in the way she laughs and shares and listens. One of my favorite moments on the podcast with her was how, before we recorded, she led my co host and I in an intention setting exercise to ground ourselves and become present again. That was extremely needed for me that day. I would highly recommend Pavanne as a podcast guest, or a speaker, or a cup of coffee for that matter!

Scott Trout

Podcast Host, Between Two Worlds