Hi. I’m Pavanne Veltman and I’m multi-passionate!

When I was young,

I wanted to grow up to be a writer, a singer, a dancer, an actress, a chef, an archaeologist, a psychiatrist, and a film maker. During the past 30 years, I’ve spent time in half of these fields and added a few more for good measure.

Through many moves and life changes, I learned how to recombine and make use of my skills, talents, passions, and interests in order to reinvent myself and create a rich and meaningful life experience. 

Here’s my story:

After I graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Radio,TV & Film,

I spent a decade working for production companies in Los Angeles and Washington DC.  I loved the excitement, the creativity, the collaboration, and the camaraderie that was forged through spending days, weeks, and long hours together on set.  All the while, I also worked as a script doctor and wrote my own screenplays, dreaming of making my own movies one day.

When love and marriage took me to the Netherlands, I left that world behind, started a new life, a new family, and learned a new language. And when I had my two sons, I wanted to stay at home and care for them,

so I drew on my lifelong passions for writing and cooking to work freelance. 

I began editing and translating text for websites, newsletters, business presentations and proposals.  But my world really opened up when I translated three books by psychotherapist and clairvoyant, Marie-Thérèse Lips: Gedachten In Beeld, Denken Vanuit Je Hart, and Onze Toekomst, Een Andere Aarde. I was so fascinated by her subject matter, that I became her pupil for three years and learned much about personal and spiritual development.

The dawn of blogging also created a new outlet for me on Open Salon. I began to post daily with a combination of essays, recipes, poems, and short stories. While I was there, I won several Poetry Picks of the Week awards, as well as an Editor’s Choice for my short story, The Witch in 10b, based on my childhood in Puerto Rico.

At the same time, I baked cakes for restaurants and parties, started a catering company, and taught cooking workshops.  Determined to raise the bar of excellence in the baking mix industry, I launched Antoinette “Let them eat cake!” in 2009.  This ambitious line of 18 all-natural artisan baking mixes quickly earned me coveted shelf-space at Marqt natural supermarkets. My recipes have appeared in Chocolate, KoffieTcacao, ZTRDG, as well as my own blogs, websites, and social media, and I am the author of Retro Mom – Vintage Recipe Book & Journal.

When a friend in LA asked for my advice on his screenplay in 2012, my love for filmmaking was rekindled. I  worked with him for the next two years to produce the movie, Jake Squared, which was released internationally in 2013.  While I continued to sell my baking mixes, I just wasn’t feeling it anymore.  I found myself overweight from testing and tasting too many of my own products and, frankly, a bit bored doing the same thing over an over again. In 2016, I rebranded as Plain Good, but it was no use, my heart just wasn’t in it anymore.  Two years later I finally decided it was time for a new beginning… but what would it be?

Being a foodie, and eager to make a meaningful (and less fattening) contribution to the world,

I decided to share my knowledge on how to lose weight while still eating delicious food and without destroying yourself at the gym. This became my current passion project: Three Weeks To Fabulous: How to lose weight, feel great, and stay that way! , an online holistic detox program based on my book of the same name, which first ran in the summer of 2018.

But I didn’t stop there. I knew I wanted to draw on more of my skills and knowledge in order to help people shift not only their bodies, but every area of their lives, so I created Your Holistic Life Reset.  On this site, I aim to help people find new energy through my blog, books, online programs, and live events.

We all grow and change.

Reinventing yourself and starting over isn’t about failure.  We all have so many interests, gifts, and areas of expertise – it’s impossible to show them all at once. When showing only one facet of yourself becomes dull and repetitive, it’s time for a fresh start. Some of us need a little help pushing the reset button.  I’m here for you!

Your Holistic Life Reset is about

  • Having more energy, mental clarity, focus and creativity
  • Eating delicious fresh food and finding exercise that you actually enjoy
  • Finding positive influences in your life and letting go of negative ones
  • Freeing up the space around you and finding new energy and happiness
  • Pressing RESET and becoming your best self
  • Enjoying your new and improved life!

Life is long – why be boring?  😉

Pavanne Veltman

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