So you’ve just returned from a retreat.  You’ve left that beautiful golden bubble where all you had to do was enjoy, and learn, and be inspired, and grow, and love.  You’ve found a group of kindred spirits, your soul family, and now you’ve been ripped apart much too soon.  You’re back in the real world and your obligations come crashing over you like giant waves and you feel a bit shell shocked, overwhelmed, even weepy.  What to do?  How can you save at least a bit of that wonderful feeling?  How can you bring a piece of the bubble home with you?

10 Ways To Bring That Retreat Feeling Back Home With You

1. Keep in touch!

Not just here and there.  Not just someday.  Now!  Create a group on Messenger, or WhatsApp, or Facebook, or wherever.  Keep the conversation going.  Think of fun projects to do together.  FaceTime each other.  Visit.  Keep the love flowing.  This is a beautiful new addition to your family that is there to love and support you.  Don’t throw them away.

2. Spend time in nature.

You’ve probably come back from incredibly beautiful surroundings.  I don’t know about you, but blue skies, natural beauty, even beautiful architecture can turn my frown upside down in seconds.  So make sure you spend time in nature as much as possible.  Go for walks in the park, or the forest.  Feel the grass.  Buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Hug a tree.  Enjoy the sunshine coming in through your window.  This will return you to that place of beauty and make you feel pampered and soothed again.

3. Dance to one song per day.

Play a song you love.  Let it all hang out.  Get rid of those overflowing emotions, that overwhelm, that stress.  Dance like you mean it.  Use your whole body.  Dance with all your heart.  Do this for yourself.  Promise.

4. Set intentions for your day.

This will give you focus and direction and it will be harder for others to sidetrack you and suck you into their agendas.  Do this for every activity.  Ask yourself what your intention is before you start.  Why are you doing it?  Is your heart in it? How will you do it?  What do you hope to achieve?  You may find several things you can cut from your schedule in this way, and you will get more out of the things you do.

5. Ground yourself.

Ground yourself in your body first thing every morning.  Do a meditation where you go to the center of the Earth and bring back a rope of light.  Fill your body with this light.  You can do this at any time, you don’t even have to sit in a lotus position!  Do it during a walk and feel your body suddenly feel the strong pull of gravity.  Do it in the shower.  Do it while you fix breakfast.  It only takes a second!  Another way to ground yourself in your body is to touch it.  Consciously touch and feel your body in the shower, or pay full attention afterwards when you put on lotion.  Don’t just slap it on.  Make it a sensual experience.  You are not just your mind – consciously feel the body your mind inhabits.

6. Keep a daily journal.

Stay in touch with yourself through your innermost thoughts and feelings.  Focus on the positive, on things you’re grateful for, achievements you’re proud of.  Fantasize about positive changes by writing about them as though they are already happening in the present moment.

7. Exercise.

Chances are you did some form of exercise during your retreat, whether it was walking, swimming, chi gong, or yoga.  Keep doing it!  Don’t be lazy!  Remember how you didn’t feel like doing it during the retreat either, but afterwards you felt so much better?  Just Do It!

8. Daydream for 15 minutes per day.

Allow your mind to wander.  Just find a comfy spot and chill out.  No “To Do” lists, no grocery lists, no worries.  Just let go and space out.  Day dreaming is your #1 easiest source of inspiration and it’s fun.  If you’re not naturally spacey (like me), it may be hard at first, but keep trying and you’ll soon get the hang of it!

9. Meditate.

Meditation isn’t just for retreats!  It’s something you would be wise to practice daily.  It will strengthen your mind, raise your vibration, and make feel more peaceful and happy.  15 minutes is all it takes.  Don’t know how to do it by yourself?  There are apps and YouTube.  No excuses.

10. Make a list of needs for yourself – the give them to yourself!

You just spent time in a bubble and you were so happy.  Analyze why that was.  Obviously needs were being met that you have denied yourself in your daily life.  What were they?  Write them down.  You need these things and not just once in a while in a distant location – right here and right now and every day.  This is not selfish.  Your happiness and wellbeing are important and affect everyone around you.

So there you have it.  It may sound like a lot, but most of it can be accomplished in 15 minutes or less, or combined.  For example, I like to walk in nature, ground myself, meditate, and space out while I do it – that’s exercise/nature/grounding/meditation/daydreaming all in one go!  Consider carving out some sacred time for yourself, maybe early in the morning, to accomplish some of these and then using the rest as short breaks throughout the day.