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I guide modern high achievers on the verge of burnout to create perfectly balanced and satisfying lives, so they can thrive and live up to their highest potential.

Are you ready to experience energy and vitality like never before?

Would you like to free yourself from stress, anxiety and toxic situations?

Do you dream of having a work life balance?

I’m here to help you create a better feeling more aligned and successful future for yourself.

Let’s begin by connecting here so you can experience how to quickly raise your energy level.

Pavanne is the modern person’s guide to less stress and more energy. Her signature coaching and online courses employ a holistic approach built upon the belief that your physical, mental and spiritual well-being is your ticket to freedom. And the process of improving your health and your life should be joyful, not stressful! [read more]

“Meditation will change your life for the better, enhance your physical health, improve your sleep, and help you achieve your goals, both material and spiritual.”
~ Deepak Chopra

Align Your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul for BETTER FOCUS and SUCCESS

As an ambitious high performing individual, you need ways to maintain your energy, focus and capacity. If you look at all the “successful people,” who seem to never run out of  energy, focus and capacity, you’ll notice they talk about the power of meditation.

A regular meditation practice can help you to achieve:

– An optimal work life balance
– Higher mental performance
– More creativity and productivity
– Easier manifestation of your goals

In The Bolder Life Circle, Pavanne creates an environment that allows you to easily quiet your mind and go deeper into yourself, so you can experience greater awareness, intuition, healing and expanded consciousness. In addition to her original guided meditation journeys, Pavanne will coach/mentor the group and give you actionable insights to help move things forward.




The Bolder Life Circle is a monthly meditation group that meets online every second Sunday of the month to do visualisations, activations, energy clearings, clarity work, and ask for inner guidance on life’s big issues.

Our meditations are recorded in case you can’t make the date, and so you can continue to practice them throughout the month.

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Online Now

Pavanne shares her secrets to revitalize yourself inside and out so you have less stress and more energy!

In this online video course, Pavanne focuses on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This mini holistic detox will leave you feeling nourished, balanced, and reinvigorated. [read more]

The Personal Touch

Imagine waking up without needing to hit the snooze button 10 times.

You like what you see in the mirror because you feel clear about who you are, what you are about and what you want in life.

You feel STRONG – BODY, MIND, SPIRIT. You feel physically energized and have mental clarity, focus and heightened creativity.

Pavanne offers Online Personal Coaching to those who want to upgrade their lives without turning it upside down. [read more]




Our world and our lives are becoming increasingly toxic!

In this new book, Pavanne shares essential self-care habits to minimize these toxins and their effects on your body, and walks you through how to actually make them a part of your life in doable, non-overwhelming ways that work for you!

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